Entrepreneurship in Hawke’s Bay – Kendall and Greg

“The worst thing you can do is fail, but then you just start again.”

“Whatever you do, try and take the skills with you, and remember to adapt them to other jobs, or to other life situations. You can use stuff in different ways.”



You learn a lot talking with Kendall and Greg, and I’m so glad I was able to sit them down with a microphone. Hearing about their different careers, world traveling, how they raised their kids, what they appreciate about the Hawke’s Bay - it’s good stuff. They are both experienced in a variety of areas and are currently undertaking many different ventures, balancing it all impressively. Running a bed and breakfast, selling a bbq product line, running local bumperball events, hosting exchange students and work exchanges, and building homes on their property are some of the current things on their agenda. I really enjoyed getting to ask them how they became successful and hearing their stories, and I hope you do as well.





Check out their cookware products
Bumperball in Hawke’s Bay
Apply for a work exchange with Kendall and Greg
1:12 What made them settle down in Napier.
2:24 Local winery they support, De La Terre Winery
3:21 Hawke’s Bay Earthquake of 1931, the history, Art Deco scene, and how it brought together the town.
5:43 Traveling history, living in Australia.
7:45 BBQ Hotplate Liner launching in Australia.
9:44 Why they chose Napier.
11:10 Travel savvy/independent kids, adapting to the entrepreneur life.
13:05 Their children’s careers and current travels.
21:32 Hosting exchange students.
23:41 Hosting travelers through work exchange.
25:43 Being a lab technician, working with youth groups, construction, quantities of measurements. Self learning and studying geology.
30:12 Active volcanoes and the Taupo Volcano.
32:59 Kendall living in San Francisco, getting involved with youth groups in Berkeley, CA. England and traveling for 2.5 years.
35:51 BBQ business, real estate, selling houses, cataloging and selling liners. Greg estimating jobs. Community integration in different countries.
37:46 Business in Australia around 1995, later moved to New Zealand.
41:21 Independent ventures. Cottages with the purchased property, accommodation business, liner products, bumperball business, community participation, lending property for a win/win.
49:42 Self-sufficiency on the property.
51:49 If you could teach a middle school class, what would you teach?
54:10 If you could tell your 18/25 year old self one thing, what would it be?
1:00:16 Opinion on American politics and New Zealand’s Prime Minister.
1:04:11 Upcoming projects on the property.
1:08:41 What would you like people from the U.S. to know about New Zealand?

Kendall also introduced me to cashew cheese, one of my new favorite things