Living in the Bay of Plenty – Tania and Kilarny

"If you’re out hiking, there’s a lot of diverse terrain and weather. You’ve got to be careful and know what you’re doing."



My first podcast overseas! Tania, Earl, and their son Kilarny live on a lifestyle block near Whakatane in the Bay of Plenty. I stayed with them for almost a month and had a great time. I sit Kilarny and Tania down separately and get educated on some New Zealand basics and about their lifestyle on the North Island. They both did awesome and I'm so glad I got to ask them some questions. Unfortunately they were at the mercy of my rookie interviewing skills. I say things like nice, like, and gotcha way too often as verbal fillers. Work in progress. Enjoy my talk with Kilarny and Tania!






The Land
Initial D
Kevin Hart
Andrew Shrock
Paul Rodriguez

Open by Andre Agassi (my review)
Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden
Power of One by Bryce Courtenay
Orange is the New Black
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3:04 Driver's Licenses, age restrictions
7:20 School system in New Zealand
12:54 Clubs and activities 
14:37 Summer Job
17:54 Road laws
20:49 First state you’d like to visit
21:56 Hosting travelers
22:39 Favorite things to watch 
25:40 Photography and video
28:05 What would you like people from the U.S. to know about New Zealand?
28:40 Talk with Tania begins
28:40 Cycling and hiking
31:30 The word kiwi
32:23 The native Maori population
35:45 Australian and Kiwi accents
37:09 Sports in New Zealand
40:02 New Zealand slang
41:45 Drinks in New Zealand
43:16 The Bay of Plenty
44:34 Favorite spot to travel
46:49 Where to visit in New Zealand
48:28 Politics in New Zealand and U.S.
50:38 Seasonal jobs
54:20 First hour of your day
57:00 Constantly having people around the house
58:07 Current interests (reading, watching)
1:03:37 Parents in the area
1:04:56 What would you like people from the U.S. to know about New Zealand?