Student, Server, Drink Connoisseur – Ben

“The meaning of life is to give life meaning."
“Take more risks."
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Alright so here's my first podcast take with my good friend Ben. I wanted to post this as practice since we have it recorded and the audio is alright. We talked about backpacking in New Mexico, breaking bad habits, favorite books, what we would tell our younger selves, just an hour of questions and banter. It was a good time and Ben did great.

Lagavulin Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky, 16
Make Happy - Bo Burnham
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Tom Misch
Jarryd James
Intuition - Allegra Goodman
Not Fade Away - Peter Barton
3:46 Traveling history
8:34 Favorite thing about Nebraska
9:35 The way Ben eats food
11:40 Any bad habits?
13:40 Living alone vs with roommates
17:00 Commons misconceptions about you?
20:46 Favorite things
32:59 When you think of the word successful, who comes to mind?
35:42 Recent reads
40:48 Advice to your 18 year old self
43:10 Most useful app
46:14 What lasting things have your parents taught you?
48:17 On U.S. politics
49:11 Do you have a hobby?
51:00 On my upcoming trip
52:22 What would you put on a billboard?
54:07 Meditation